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EV Reference ONE

EV Reference ONE

Michael Kraske developed this model around the idea of a wide-band, closed cabinet speaker. Knowing about the tonal balance and richness that a full-range speaker can reproduce, not willing to accept the lack of bass and presence of high percentage of distortion.

So the paper-cone, symmetrical drive mid-woofer is accompanied by a 1“ tweeter and 12“ long-throw subwoofer. The mid-woofers slices-cone prevents effectively cone breakups, so it is playing from 50Hz and blending over gently to the tweeter creating
a speaker with full-range characteristic - but with punchy bass down to 25 Hz and extended treble smooth as silk. As always with Credo Audio speakers, we achieved linear impedance and a high efficiency (of 87.6 dB), making it an easy load for amplifiers.
Credo EV 1202measured step response


Three-way floor standing loudspeaker
Top cabinet: closed design, mid woofer & tweeter separated
Sub cabinet: closed design
Double-vibration decoupled
Tweeter: 1 x 1“ Coated textile, neodymium magnet, symmetrical drive motor
Midwoofer: 1 x 6.5“ Sliced paper cone (coated), large ferrite magnet, symmetrical drive motor
Subwoofer: 1 x 12“ Alu cone, double ferrite magnet
Crossover: Passive proprietary 3-way filters, coils: Mundorf CFC air-core coils, capacitors: Mundorf MCap Supreme EVO
Hand-crafted by Credo Audio Switzerland
Tuning: closed cabinets
Frequency response: 40 Hz - 20 kHz, +/- 1.5dB
Bass roll-off: 30 Hz @ -3dB / 25 Hz -6dB / 20 Hz -10dB
Sensitivity: 87.6 dB @ 2.83V @ 1kHz @ 1m
Linear impedance: nominal 6 ohms, minimal 4.8 ohms at 5 - 20 kHz, max 9.8 ohms @ 1.2 kHz
Recommended amplifier power (3m listening distance): 80 - 200 W RMS
Weight: 55 kg p.p. without packing
Size (H x D x W): 126 cm x 45 cm x 22 cm without isolation-feet
Includes hight adjustable isolation-feet, milled from 12mm aluminum. Black or natural anodized
EV Reference ONE
Credo EV Reference ONE
Credo Audio Switzerland Evolution Reference One
Credo Audio Switzerland Evolution Reference One
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"One of my favorites of the show was "House of Stereo" and "AudioShield". Which included the Credo Audio loudspeakers, wonderful 3-way's. We played a stream, "Anette Askvik's Liberty" and I have never ever heard that song this good - and I heard it a million times, both at home and at the shows. It was stunning."

Terry Eringi - - Florida Audio Expo 2020