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Credo - loudspeakers for audiophiles

The best part of your audio system? From our 35 years of experience we know that, "your electronics are always as good as the loudspeaker allows it to be.“ An this is how we develop and design our speakers, they need to reproduce music the most accurate way possible for a variety of rooms and budgets.

On a Credo speaker you’ll find several very unique features and designs, developed and implemented over many years. We always focused on the highest goal in speaker design - to reproduce all kinds of music and genres, without compromise!

Now some of you music enthusiasts might be skeptical about that, because over the years you experienced so many speakers choosing the music for you. But we ensure you it is possible to play all your favorite recordings from heavy Drum’n Base over finest performances of Classical music or the smooth voice of some famous Jazz standard to a beefy Guitar Riff. …
Credp Speakers made in Switzerland

Credo loudspeaker models:

Fancy designs and grandiose promises developed in the marketing the department - that is not necessarily what makes a fantastic loudspeaker.

Our key-features for outstanding loudspeakers:

- Only the
best components and outstanding crossovers
- Optimized
- Smooth
(linear) frequency- and impedance-response
- Controlled and powerful bass
- Wide
dynamic range and distortion as low as possible
- Good
off-axis performance
- Optimized
- Listen and measure
Swiss made - in-house
- Quality control

All of the mentioned really matters, some more than other. But there is absolutely no way around these features! Even bees-wax, a super stiff and heavy cabinet or diamond drivers won’t help you, if you got some of it wrong. And there is a good thing, most of it can be measured and won’t leave a doubt about having the speaker-design correct!
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Custom designed loudspeaker