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Credo EV 900 MKII


"Always a good choice"

Since the launch of our first "Credo SPC" speaker series, the model 900 always was our best selling model.

These are some of the reasons:

  • Uncritical what concerns the choice of your amplifier
  • Sounds great, even with "smaller" amplifiers
  • Balance of price and performance
  • Compact and simple form
  • Easy to set-up in your listening-room
The Evolution:

Before we started with the development of this loudspeaker, we asked ourselves many questions - One of the most important was:
Can we build a speaker in Switzerland and by hand, which is competitively priced and sounds better than its competitors?
The challenge there was to design an outstanding loudspeaker, that fits in the gap between super-expensive and average mass-produced Hi-Fi:
Well, there are so many manufacturers of very expensive "ultra-high-end speakers". Between esoteric delusion and outright battles of material you can find everything on the market. Of course we know very well that it is essential to use only the best materials and parts, if we want to create a top quality product. But we also know, that alone is not enough.
And there are the well-known hi-fi brands, who build their loudspeakers in large series. Which, unfortunately happens almost exclusively in China. There are different reasons why you might not want to purchase a product from China, that's up to you.

But, it is also nearly impossible for manufacturers not to produce in China. Especially when you build a product for the price-sensitive "hi-fi" market. Small differences in the selling price can determine the success or failure of a product. And there are drastic measures, which make it possible to offer a product CHF 100.00 cheaper.

This price war we can not fight! Nevertheless, we succeeded and made this product.
We did not want to create another high-price product. We wanted to make it affordable. And we build it in Switzerland, by hand. And it sounds great!
Michael Kraske


  • Chassis: 1" textile dome-tweeter; 1 x 5.75" mid woofer (fiberglas woven)
  • Tuning: Bass reflex (back)
  • Crossover: 2-way proprietary filter-topology
  • Frequency response: 40 Hz - 20 kHz, +/- 3dB
  • Sensitivity: 88.1 dB @ 2.83V @ 1m
  • Impedance: nominal 4 ohms, minimal 3 ohms at 45 Hz
  • Recommended amplifier: 30 - 100 W RM
  • Weight: 15 kg p.pc. without packing
  • Size: (h x d x w): 90 cm x 22 cm x 18 cm
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Credo Audio Switzerland EV 900 MKII
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