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High-End Hi-Fi
Handmade in Switzerland

Handmade in Switzerland

You will hear the music as it was meant to be by the musician and recording-engineer. As if you were there, in the studio or a live concert. Listen into the music - without fatiguing.
Rudolf Kraske

About us:

Credo Audio Switzerland is a family-owned company, based in Basel - Switzerland. We have specialized in designing high-performance loudspeakers, which are hand-made in-house in our manufactory.

The passion and love for music is what motivates us and what defines the performance-goal of our products. But also the joy for demanding and exclusive design. We meet the request for speakers that are subtle and modest, that will blend in perfectly into your environment.


We offer modernism and simplicity in the the design of our products. With attention to detail we select materials and define textures.

In a Credo speaker you’ll find several very unique features and designs, developed and implemented and refined over many years. We always focused on the highest goal in speaker-design, to reproduce all kinds of music and genres, without compromise.

Sustainability, uncompromising sound quality and longevity play a role as well as our principle: "Less can be more".


We manufacture our products. And for us that does not mean to do the final assembly of purchased parts which were produced in Far East.

The manufacture of loudspeaker terminals and circuit boards for crossovers or CNC milling and engraving, and much more is done here at the manufactory. All boards are also equipped by hand.

Also large parts made of MDF for speakers or aluminum for amplifiers are manufactured on our CNC milling machine.

A small team is responsible for the entire process, from the design, programming, milling to the to final assembly and quality inspection.


In The Press

"Here, chatting was minimal, perhaps simply because the sound was so good.""Part of the responsibility for the space's success falls at the feet of the new Swiss-made Credo Cinema LTM loudspeakers ($170,000/pair)."

Jason Victor Serinus - - Axpona 2019
Credo Audio Switzerland @ Axpona 2019
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