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Visit us @ HIGH-END SWISS 2017

This years "High-End Swiss" is later in the year than prevois years. Which is fantastic! You'll have a lot more to see and hear, there will be more exhibitors and more of the famous brands than ever bevor.

We'll be in two fantastic rooms - one dedicated to High-End stereo, featuring our amplifiers and speakers, KISEKI and Van den Hul cartidges, PrimaLuna amplifiers and VPI turntable.

In the other room we'll introduce two new speakers of our "Cinema Series", the Cinema Surround and the Sub 12. You'll erxperience immersive audio in a 16-channel AURO 3D / Dolby Atmos theater. The setup features a Storm Audio ISP processor and PA16 amplification, OPPO and JVC will provide the image and it's all wired with van den Hul cables.

The Reference ONE

The debut of our latest speaker model, The Reference ONE, in Munich at the High-End show was a great success. We enjoyed each day of the show with so many fantastic feedbacks and a great sounding room.


Here you’ll find more informations about the new speaker:


Visit us @ High End 2017 in Munich


New Credo Audio partners:

We are extremely happy to announce, that two new High-End audio retailers have joined our Credo-partner network:


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