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High-End Hi-Fi
Handmade in Switzerland

Best quality for the highest demands - Hand crafted in Switzerland!

We at Credo audio are of the opinion

that your music system needs to sound as good as the real instrument did when recorded! Our amplifiers and speakers are developed and built by passionate music lovers in the knowledge of the real sound.

How do we achieve our goals of sound?

Quality is found in every little detail! We make things as consequent as possible, always committed to the the result of music reproduction. The audio signal's path always is as short as possible, unaffected by relays unnecessary filters or components. No part of the signal is lost, nothing is added.

The "CREDO" sound is refined! No trace of harshness, which is associated with "solid-state" amplifiers. The subtle nuances of music are transmitted accurately and the tonal balance is correct. You will hear the music as it was meant to be by the musician and recording-engineer. As if you were there, in the studio or a live concert. Listen into the music - without fatiguing.

We at Credo Audio are always open to innovative technology and developments, where established designs are just not good enough - so for example we have developed a patented power supply for our amplifier.

The cascade power supply feeds the amplifier in two stages: the first is used as a kind of stream-memory - which has extremely high "power-delivery capability"! The second stage is stabilizing the voltage of the output transistors, which are supplied to the entire operating range with very constant current.

That is why our Credo amplifier can drive your loudspeaker without having any problems with feedback.

We at Credo believe, that the audio components have one primarily specific purpose - playing music. That is why we invest in superior components and selected components. We put the money where it counts - on the inside of the device, in order to play music.

Every day we are in contact with you - our customers, we know your needs, your listening room and the entire audio chain. With passion and an eye for every detail we work on your audio system and on our products. Ask for a demonstration of the Credo products and hear it for yourself.

Therefore: Take your time to listen critically and trust your ears!
We design and build high performance products, which will let you experience your music like never before.
Michael Kraske

Swiss-made - our products are hand crafted in Switzerland

Together with selected suppliers, we manufacture products of the highest class. In the selection of partners and suppliers, we of course rely on craftsmanship knowledge and skills - but also structural and geographical aspects play an important role.

So we often work with family businesses and SMEs from our region, Basel. This guarantees us great flexibility, high manufacturing quality and short distances to our partners.


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