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The story of Credo Audio

Credo Audio was founded by Rudolf Kraske, together with partners, and is closely linked to his work as a trader, consultant and developer in the Hi-Fi and high-end audio industry. After his education as a radio electronics engineer, he spent several years in sales as a hi-fi specialist. Then he set out with its own business selling hi-fi audio equipment - where he specialised in the high-end hi-fi segment and made a name for himself. As Kraske electronics AG is the business until today.
By importing some high-end brands and distribution in the Swiss market, he came into contact with various manufacturers and developers. Several times he was called in as a consultant for new or further development of new product - which brought him to work at some of his own designs. It was very important to work with "Cello" and their developer Tom Colangelo. Together with Mark Levinson they worked intensive at the launch of "Cello" in Switzerland. Electron Kinetics and its developer John Iverson were also important. And to this day there is a connection to Max Townshend.
The idea of "custom-audio-system-design"

The development of own products arose from the need for products that were closely corresponding to the request of the customer without any compromise. It was not the aim to create a further audio-brand for the high-end audio market - because the duality between the trade of products from other manufacturers and supplement with our own equipment is one of the basic ideas of Credo audio.
From Kraske Hi-Fi to Credo Audio

The amplifiers and loudspeakers were made over several years under the lable "Kraske Hi-Fi". With their dissemination, it also came to inquire from retailers and distributors. This raised the question of its own brand and building a product assortment.
First steps at Credo Audio

After several years of development and construction time, finally, the products of Credo audio were launched:

  • Preamplifier: 5 x line-in, IR remote control, with or without phono module
  • Power Amplifier: With 80 watts x 2 and 2 x 150 watts
  • Loudspeaker: "Acoustica" series

After various trade shows and press reports, it turned quickly a good success of the brand Credo Audio. Two additional developers and building a mass production were the next steps.

Especially in Germany, Italy and Taiwan the Credo products immediately were a great success! New products were developed:

  • MM/MC preamplifier
  • Headphone amplifier Class-A
  • Amplifier with a patented cascade power supply


Unfortunately, the most important partner and investor had to withdraw to North America - just as the large investment in production, support and marketing were made. Therefore, the company was forced to withdraw from the internatioal market.
Credo Audio in Switzerland

Thanks to the solid home market in Switzerland, Credo Audio always existed as our brand - the house brand of Rudolf Kraske. Also, patents and the network of suppliers remained.

The second generation

Credo Audio System is now run as a trademark for several years, owned by Kraske electronics AG. Together with his son Michael, Rudolf Kraske reinvented the brand. We constantly work on our range of existing and new products.
Michael Kraske

He grew up with high-end audio. Already as a child he was fascinated by his father's business and spent every spare minute in the workshop, in the showroom, or production. As a kid he began to experiment with loudspeakers and hi-fi gear. Later as a teenager he realized some first loudspeakers designs and modifications.

But to play, produce and record music was the main focus for several years, which then led to work in the recording studio. Soon his knowledge of acoustics, monitor-speakers, preamplifiers, filters, etc., was quite in demand. This and his passion for high-end gear, then led to work as a consultant for loudspeakers and acoustics.
Credo Audio Switzerland at the moment

At the moment our focus is to develop new markets world-wide. We were able to increase our sales steadily, so we could increase our capacity in production and significantly expand the factory.

Consistently we produce high-end audio components by hand, and of the highest quality.