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EV 900 Ref - Revie by D. Blumenstein

There was no straining with these speakers. In a word, they were effortless, never managing to have me tire from listening to them. I was amazed at how they can sound so big given their physical dimensions.

David Blumenstein -


Michael Kraske talks about speaker decoupling

E-Event from the VPI house

"VPI Industries" and "AudioShield Distribution" presented an E-Event from the VPI house. Since the "Salon Audio de Montréal" had to be postponed because of the COVID19 situation, several brands were represented with their products in a live-stream from the VPI house. Here Mat Weisfeld and John McGurk present the EMMLabs / VPI / Credo Audio Switzerland / Nordost / Wolf Audio / Van den Hul system. Guest manufacturers are Michael Kraske from Credo Audio and Joe Parvey from Wolf Audio.

Show report: Part Time Audiophile


„It’s a shame my Florida Audio Expo weekend was wrapping up here, as this was one of my favourite sounding exhibit rooms of the show. I would have stayed longer and brought along a few industry friends to gloat about what I had found.

Everything you look for in terms of bandwidth extension and smoothness was expertly delivered by the system. Tonality was rich with life. The presentation in terms of the scale-of-things seemed effortless. I credit that last part to power.

Odd to me, was that at no point — unlike many other rooms at audio shows — did the room seem congested or overloaded. That my friends is a rare event at audio shows. Of course the manufacturers want to show the big stuff, but in small hotel rooms, it’s usually the stand-mount monitors that often deliver more fitting (and impressive) display. The times I can count where a large speaker played the small room deftly can probably fit on one hand.“

Eric Franklin Shook -
Part Time Audiophile

Our response to the coronavirus situation (COVID-19)

Dear customer, supplier and business partner

We would like to inform you about the development and measures taken by our companies Kraske electronics AG, Credo Audio Switzerland and

Our government has just officially declared state of emergency in Switzerland. All borders to our neighbors are closed, in addition schools, leisure facilities, restaurants and shops that do not serve to cover the basic needs must close.

This affects us directly with our shop in Basel. To protect our families and out of solidarity towards the risk groups, we have decided to avoid any direct customer contact immediately and until further notice. All meetings, sales activities and installations are therefore suspended.

We are convinced that we are making an urgently needed contribution to overcoming this crisis. The protection and care of our children are paramount as family fathers. Our parents also belong to the risk group.

We are aware of the inconvenience and trust your understanding.

We can be reached by email and phone.

Goods that have already been ordered can only be picked up by appointment and we ensure the necessary hygiene measures and the safety distance.

We assure you that existing orders will continue to be processed with great care. We do not expect delivery issuess, but there will be delays.

Procurement and logistics are sometimes difficult and the associated costs are sometimes not justifiable. Each case is assessed individually by us.

In our "Credo Audio" factory we can continue to produce and currently have very good stocks of parts and raw materials.

Stay healthy and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


With best regards

Michael Kraske

Show Award - Best Sound


Show report: Florida Audio Expo "AVShowrooms"

Miles B. Astor - VPI dealer event

VPI was hosting their annual dealer get together this weekend and Mat kindly extended an invitation to drop by on the final day. Several interesting systems were on display including the big, line array Creedo speakers from Switzerland.

The BIG system was headlined by the Creedo speakers from Switzerland and capably supported by Meitner Electronics (including Ed’s 1 kW, $85k monoblocks), VPI's new, super direct drive Vanquish table with 14-inch arm and vdh Crimson cartridge plus power supply and phonostage and Nordost cabling. The tonearm’s internal wiring runs uninterrupted from the cartridge pins to a LEMO connector into the phonostage.

This is the best I've heard these Swiss speakers and light years better than their presentations at Axpona last year. Jarre's Equinoxe was superbly rendered and was just a musical kaleidoscope painted on a huge three dimensional canvas . Fast, transparent and clean characterize these speakers. There was simply no exaggeration with either the violin or piano on Brahm's Sonata #1. Voices floated in the air on the AudioNautes reissue of the Proprius recording Now the Green Blade Riseth. The low end demonstrated some real startle factor and kick ass quality on the Ed Graham D2D disc.



Myles B. Astor, PhD, Administrator
Senior Editor,

Show report: Capital Audiofest "The Audio Beatnik"

CAF 2019: AudioShield Room, a Musical Experience


„The sound of this system was a sonic surprise to me. I have never been a fan of speakers with long lines of tweeters and drivers, but the Credo Audio Switzerland speakers paired with all of the equipment mentioned above had good tone, great transparency, incredible scale, and an immersive soundstage. It was a truly musical and emotional experience listening to this system.“Read more...

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Open House / News / Workshop

Front Web

Visit the hi-fi and music event in our manufactory in Aesch BL.

We have put together a varied program for you with product novelties, workshops and guided tour through our manufactory. That is what we have prepared:

- Workshop: How to set your turntable perfectly
- Introduction: roon, music management and streaming, that's how it works
- Swiss Premiere: Reference Speaker "The Cinema LTM"
- Open House: Speaker Factory, a look behind the scenes

We look forward to your visit on Saturday the 22nd of June from 10:00 to 17:30.

Credo Audio Switzerland
Industriestrasse 111
4147 Aesch BL

Very impressive Credo Cinema LTM speakers- HiFi


Very impressive Credo Cinema LTM speakers in the van den Hul room. Although they were playing at background music levels only and I’ve not done any critical listening in this room, their natural and unforced delivery stood out from the sometimes very shouty presentations elsewhere on the show.

Owner of

Read full show-report

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Audioholics about - The Cinema LTMs


The Cinema LTMs resemble their namesake in that, like the movies, these are larger than life. And at $170k per pair, so is their price tag. These behemoths are meant for providing high-fidelity for a large room, and a cue toward that end is their line-array design.

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Happily, extremely listenable and well-balanced -


Here, chatting was minimal, perhaps simply because the sound was so good. I really enjoyed how mellow the sax sounded, and how drums were rendered with truthfulness without becoming clattery.

Part of the responsibility for the space's success falls at the feet of the new Swiss-made Credo Cinema LTM loudspeakers.

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