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EV 900 Ref - Revie by D. Blumenstein

There was no straining with these speakers. In a word, they were effortless, never managing to have me tire from listening to them. I was amazed at how they can sound so big given their physical dimensions.

David Blumenstein -


Show report: Capital Audiofest "The Audio Beatnik"

CAF 2019: AudioShield Room, a Musical Experience


„The sound of this system was a sonic surprise to me. I have never been a fan of speakers with long lines of tweeters and drivers, but the Credo Audio Switzerland speakers paired with all of the equipment mentioned above had good tone, great transparency, incredible scale, and an immersive soundstage. It was a truly musical and emotional experience listening to this system.“Read more...

Back in the days: Review "Audio Art 82"

Old review: IMP 702 „Audio Art 82“


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