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Interconnect cables - balanced and un-balanced

Connection cables always ensure discussions - and there are so many opinions as manufacturers. Different materials and designs are used for different tonal characteristics - the soft-sounding, the fast cable, high frequency emphasizing cable, round-sounding cables, etc
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Our goal has always been to develop a sound-neutral cable. For many years we have collaborated with manufacturers like Van den Hul, Goertz and Townshend Audio - and we used and still use some of their cables for our Credo Systems. Because there is not "the one and only" cable that is best for every purpose.

And today, after much researching, testing and listening we can offer our own audio cables.

Our cables are not built Coaxial - why? - Impulse fidelity!

The reason is that music is not only a constant signal. It is an extremely complex signal from individual pulses, which permanently transient and decay.

There are similar requirements for high performance lasers used in medical and industry applications. Thus, the laser pulses are accurate, flat solid-core cable are used.

The clear definition of individual conductors, which are all identical brings great benefits. We can reduce influences to the sound caused by inductive- and capacitive- effects. The cable has exeptional phase response.
Symmetrical design
The credo System Interconnect has two identical solid-core copper conductors. So we achieve absolutely identical run-time, transients and decay are transmitted perfectly. In order to prevent eddy currents, they are separated from each other. Over the entire frequency scope the cable is totally stable in phase.

High-purity OFC copper

The use of the best materials is an absolute must for a high-end cable. In addition, we used a special method in which, during the melting process, a single-crystal-structure is obtained (the conductor has no grain boundary).


To shield, we use a stainless braid shielding - and the dielectric is air (an excellent insulator). To prevent influence to the conductor, the shield is attached with spacer to the ladder.
100 % unique design - hand assembled in-house

This cable is a unique design, developed by us and the cable manufacturer. Only we use it!
Single-ended RCA and balanced XLR interconnects:

All cables are shielded and available in standard- or custom-length.